Friday, June 8, 2012

Damian "Taurus D" Hadji is an uprising filmmaker and hip-hop artist. Recently he teamed up on a collabo with the Ugandan artists Stigma and Da Grey and released the song/video titled as Sagala Omale
Previously Taurus D made a music video called "Take a Ride Wit Me"
In 2007, Taurus D colided with the Oklahoman rapper and singer Remy and recorder two tracks, "Sun is Shinin" and "Growin"
In February 2011 Taurus D appeared in the Linex Commercial directed by Jabir Doko and played the bartender
His last individual film "DREAMING" entered few independent production festivals

In 2010 he directed a basketball comercial called Stay Positive
directorial debut "Bloody Mary"

At the begining of year 2010 he appeared in one short film and one Tv stage play, directed by Zorica Cingo from MKTV
In 2008 he dropped his two audio projects, the album "Grand Hustle" and the "Urban Mixtape"

In 2004 once again he appeared in Mic D'Vice's video "Place where I belong"
Damian's first Tv Debut "Official" by Mic D' Vice